As we all have experienced the challenges of COVID-19, many employers are continuing to give people the opportunity to work from home. Here are some tips to stay focused and productive:

Set up a workspace. It can be a folding table and chair, but try to make sure it is away from any family members who might also be at home. For more information about setting up a home workspace, visit

Stick to your routine. If you have a routine before getting to the office, stick to it. While the jammies are comfortable, it may help your mindset to get ready for the day in your usual way by looking and feeling a little more professional — even if that means just upgrading from pajamas to sweatpants or jeans to take on the day.

Don’t forget to move. Set alarms to take 10 to 15 minutes to move, stretch, get fresh air and disconnect from tech. It’s easy to get caught up in work and remain stagnant all day. For more information from Business Insider, visit,

Make sure calls are forwarded to your home or cellphone. Make sure you aren’t missing anything by taking advantage of call forwarding!

Be kind to your back! Don’t spend hours on your couch, recliner or bed. While it may be comfy, over the course of a day it can do damage to your spine and cause lower back pain. Use an office chair if you can, but any chair with a firm back is OK.