You can customize your Internet package to fit your needs and your budget.

DescriptionMonthly Price
Extra E-mails$1.95
E-mail Service Only$4.95
Web Hosting$10.00

Yucca Web Mail

Yucca web mail provides internet customers free web mail service. Yucca makes it easy to stay connected to friends and loved ones. With 2GB of storage and 5 email accounts, you and your entire family can send, receive and store messages. The best part of webmail, you can access your email from anywhere.

Click here to log on to Yucca Telecom Web Mail.

Web Hosting

Yucca provides Web Hosting at a low monthly cost. Yucca’s role in this service is to grant you the server capability to host your website on the internet.

Yucca Web Hosting will provide an individual or a business 20 GB of storage to get their content on the internet. Web hosting is essentially an internet technology that helps you move your business, information, product, services, product content, services information or research on to the internet. A lot of the small things that customers notice come from your Web hosting server, which is why choosing a reliable hosting company like Yucca Telecom is so important. They notice little things like how long the site takes to load, if you have a dedicated email with your website, and how easy the site is to navigate. Just putting up a website is not enough to find success online. There are numerous businesses that are trying to drive customers to their websites and yours needs to stand out from the rest in order to get noticed. A well-functioning server is the key to success for the websites and the web hosting service plays an important role in this field.

Spam and Virus E-mail Filtering

Yucca Telecom provides a free e-mail filtering service that helps you control unwanted e-mails. Yucca’s Email Filtering Service takes a proactive approach to greatly reduce virus and spam emails sent to your server. The threat of spam and viruses continue to increase in email communications, as new and more advanced tactics are developed. The majority of email being exchanged today contains spam. Our email filtering service works to keep your network clean and keep you up and running!

To login to the email filter interface click here.

Yucca’s email filter is customizable and easy to use. You can select which types of spam you want blocked from your mailbox and you may turn spam filtering options on or off whenever you wish.

This service also provides one method of minimizing virus attacks on your computer — however, it will not replace antivirus software you have on your computer. To continue to protect yourself from viruses through Internet browsing or file transfers from portable storage devices, you must maintain your desktop antivirus software.