No matter where you are—on the phone or on the go—we’ll make sure you won’t miss important telephone calls!

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Voice Mail$4.95

Voice Mail Instructions

A call is answered by Voice Mail when you do not answer your phone after a designated number of rings or when you are already on the phone.

How to Use

When you use Voice Mail for the first time you will hear a tutorial which helps you set up a password and a personalized greeting.

Setting up your Voice Mail

  • Cooperative subscribers can access voice mail from home by dialing *98
  • Portales subscribers can access voicemail from home by dialing *83
  • For remote access, use the Local Access numbers listed below.

Local AccessNumbers

Follow the prompts to create a password and personalized greeting.

Your mailbox number is your ten (10) digit phone number. Your default password is the last four (4) digits of your phone number.

Retrieving Messages

A stutter dial tone (a steady beeping tone similar to a busy signal) will alert you that a message is waiting.

  1. Dial *99
  2. From home – Enter your password, then press #
    Away from home – Enter your seven digit phone number, then press #.
  3. Messages will start playing automatically. Listen for prompts to replay, keep, delete, or save messages.

Changing Voice Mail Options

Voice Mail options may be changed any time, from any phone. Access your mailbox, the press 9 to enter the Set-up menu. Follow voice prompts to change your password or greeting.